Arlen Roth "The Art Of Soloing"

Arlen Roth "The Art Of Soloing"


Arlen Roth
The Art Of Soloing
The Story
All new from Hot Licks! Master teacher Arlen Roth explores the finer points of the guitar solo in this all-new, 2 1/2 hour master class entitled "The Art Of Soloing". Arlen explains how to develop interesting and musical guitar solos, and stresses the importance of choosing notes wisely. Techniques are demonstrated "live" with Arlen's band and presented in real time and slow motion. Covers: blues scales and styles, double stops, hybrid picking, chicken pickin', pedal steel style, harmonics, superimposing chord changes, bending techniques, open-string licks and patterns, Jimi Hendrix style, B.B. King style, Buddy Guy style, Chuck Berry style, and more. Also contains rare archival footage of studio and live performances with legendary musicians such as Danny Gatton, Duane Eddy, Albert Lee, Duke Robilliard and Jack Bruce.

Special DVD features include: 48 Page Booklet, Dolby Digital Stereo.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Additional Facts
Guitarist Arlen Roth's long career has brought him international acclaim a a recording artist, sideman, studio musician and record producer... but for many people he is simply the man who made teaching guitar cool. He launched Hot Licks in 1984, producing and directing most of the sessions in this now legendary series.