Brent Mason "Nashville Chops & Western Swing Guitar"

Brent Mason "Nashville Chops & Western Swing Guitar"


Brent Mason
Nashville Chops & Western Swing Guitar
The Story
Brent Mason, one of Nashville's leading session guitarists, takes you through a dazzling array of these styles on "Nashville Chops & Western Swing Guitar": chicken pickin' rhythm and lead, Jerry Reed style, unique bends, double stops, banjo-style licks, claw style, drop D licks and dozens more. All are demonstrated and clearly explained by Mason. A feature-packed master class for any fan of country guitar! "Nashville Chops & Western Swing Guitar" features a new introduction by Jeff Golub.

Jeff Golub began his career as guitarist for rocker Billy Squier. He has recorded numerous solo CDs and is a highly-valued session player and sideman, having worked with such artists as Peter Wolf, John Waite, Tina Turner, Vanessa Williams, and Rod Stewart.

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Special DVD features include: Booklet, Dolby Digital Stereo, Subtitles (Spanish, French, Italian, German), Artist Biography, Selected Discography, Suggested Listening.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Additional Facts
According to many publications, Brent Mason has owned country music for over a decade with at least seven out of ten of the songs in the top ten at any given time - not annually - being played on by him since the early nineties. For many years he has won the annual Music City Allstars Award for being the musician with the most songs they have played on being in the radio top ten hits for the entire year. Over and over he wins this award. This is in addition to his CMA awards and Academy of Country Music Awards from 1993 - 2002, and 2005.

Though he would never admit it, Brent is named in writing as the most recorded guitar player alive. Realistically, you probably are listening to Brent most of the time you hear country radio. On average, 8 out 10 songs on modern country radio has Brent on guitar. Even Alan Jackson himself said on a TV special that aired several years ago, "Brent Mason - whew...- that boy - well, he's not human". Brent has virtually owned country music for the past decade, His inventive style and masterful playing has made him one of the most in-demand session guitarists in the world.