Buckethead "Secret Recipe"

Buckethead "Secret Recipe"


Secret Recipe
The Story
This first ever Buckethead DVD compiles highlights of the guitarists first 13 years as a performer and theme-park propietor. From his days fresh out the coop with Deli Creeps through his many collaborations and world travels, to his latest deadly sonic battles, you;ll see Buckethead live on stage and in the coop, in binge clips, music videos and early home video footage, a spectacular career overview for newcomers and fanatics alike.

"Secret Recipe" is a 2-disc DVD extravaganza featuring over 3 hours of mutant music, chills, thrills and unhinged humor! It's a delirious, roller-coaster chronicle celebrating 13 years of the mysterious masked man's music career and theme park antics. Includes home movies, live performances, rare music tracks, videos and surprise guests.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital Stereo Music Videos, Full Length Official Bootleg.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs: Your guess is as good as mine.