Buckethead "Young Buckethead"

Buckethead "Young Buckethead"


Young Buckethead
The Story
From the November 24, 1990 Deli Creeps performance though the years of backstage antics and numerous unannounced performances, with "Young Buckethead", guitar virtuoso Buckethead invites fans to follow along as he and fellow cohorts Maximum Bob, Pinch Face and Tony Black embark on a bizarre yet mesmerizing musical odyssey.

The rare footage on the two "Young Buckethead" DVDs was shot in San Francisco during 1990 and 1991, just as Buckethead and the Deli Creeps were beginning to play outside of their southern California hometown. The DVDs include three complete Deli Creeps concerts, a soundcheck, some cool backstage shenanigans, and solo footage of Buckethead.

Vol. 1 features a complete 1990 Deli Creeps concert and soundcheck in San Francisco, an insane keyboard performance in a SF basement, and a stunning extended guitar solo performed at a Buckethead family reunion.

* Deli Creeps at Cactus Club 11/24/90

* Deli Creeps Soundcheck 11/24/90

* Buckethead in the Basement 5/21/91

* Buckethead's Backyard Solo 6/16/91

Special DVD features include: Stereo.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs: Your guess is as good as mine.