California Guitar Trio "The First Decade"

California Guitar Trio "The First Decade"

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California Guitar Trio
The First Decade
The Story
Guitarist Paul Richards writes, "The CGT's debut concert was on February 7, 1991 at the Natural Fudge Cafe in Hollywood. The work we did at that time paved the way for over 10 years of musical adventures. The music on "The First Decade" is a collection of CGT original works, presented in chronological order, and follows the CGT's musical journey during our first decade of work together." Guitarist Bert Lams adds, "Every piece has its own story, and some were born in significant locations: "Yamanashi Blues" at a Level One Guitar Craft course in Japan; "Melrose Avenue" in Hollywood, Los Angeles; and "Train To Lamy" near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Most of the writing was done within the group, during rehearsals and recording sessions. The moments of inspiration where we witnessed the parts and musical ideas transform into music have been a highlight of our work together this past decade." Guitarist Hideeyo Moriya chips in, "The music was, and still is the main moving force. These originals are taken from existing albums, but I believe "The First Decade" album has it's own life."
The Music
02:21 Yamanashi Blues Instrumental
02:11 Melrose Avenue Instrumental
01:19 Beeline Instrumental
01:46 Carnival Instrumental
02:16 Blockhead Instrumental
03:16 Kan-Non Power Instrumental
04:22 Train To Lamy Suite (Pts. 1-3) Instrumental
04:21 Punta Patri Instrumental
02:03 Train To Lamy Pt. 5 Instrumental
05:34 Above The Clouds Instrumental
03:39 Arroyo Instrumental
04:29 Pathways Instrumental
02:32 Great Divide Instrumental
02:00 Scramble Instrumental
00:57 Kaleidoscope Instrumental
02:43 Ananda Instrumental
02:44 Invitation Instrumental
03:17 Happy Time In Fun Town Instrumental
01:15 Train To Lamy Pt. 3 (Reprise) Instrumental
The Artists
Bert Lams Acoustic Guitar, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Liner Notes
Paul Richards Acoustic Guitar, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Liner Notes
Hideyo Moriya Acoustic Guitar, Production, Engineering, Liner Notes
Bill Janssen Saxophone
Roger Lambson Saxophone, Engineering
David Singleton Production, Mixing, Remastering, Mastering
Trey Gunn Warr Guitar, Grand Stick
Tony Levin Stick
Robert Fripp Remastering, Mastering
Tony Arnold Remastering
John Sinks Engineering
Brian Lucey Production, Mixing, Mastering
Tom Boyer Mastering
Thomas G. Smith Photography
Paolo Aizza Photography
Paul McAninch Photography
Jake Clennell Photography
Ioannis Art Direction
Recorded at 329 Bronson (Los Angeles), Gell-Mann Residence (New Mexico), Moirya Studio (Chiba-ken), Vine Street Sound Stage (Utah), Schloss Schwartzenberg (Scheinfeld, Germany), Bolder Theater (Bolder, Colorado).

Mixed at Discipline Global Mobile (Wiltshire, UK), Magic Garden Studio (Ohio).

Mastered at Discipline Global Mobile (Wiltshire, UK), Oath Studio (Ohio).

Remastering performed at The Courthouse, Cranborne, Wiltshire, UK.