Chris Burton

Chris Burton


Musician Looks Toward Favored Nations

Blazing out of the Lone Star State is guitarist Chris Burton, who submitted a fifteen song collection on CD-R, entitled Mystic Spheres. Offering a blend of vocal and instrumental numbers, this experienced guitarist delivers metallic hard rock tracks, handling the guitars, keyboards, vocals and drum sequencing. On the plus side, you'll hear a number of ripping, shred-influenced, quicksilver runs, fat-toned, bottom string, rhythmic chunk and fist-pounding vocal choruses. The sound of the guitar could be improved somewhat however - a lot of the heavier guitar work on the CD-R has the same overly buzzy, distorted sound, which indicates perhaps the use of a guitar processor recorded direct, that should have been driven through an amp. The production is a little uneven as well, again, perhaps because the songs were recorded over a long period of time. Burton has a good deal of ability, and if he dedicates himself to his writing and recording, good things should happen.


Chris began playing music at age five on a Play By Numbers organ. He later took lessons on piano, drums and trumpet. At age thirteen Chris started playing guitar after hearing the debut Van Halen record. He later studied guitar and piano at school for the performing arts and played in fusion, pop, jazz and hard rock bands throughout high school and college. After college Chris traveled nationally with a pop/R&B band, as well as internationally (Japan, Singapore) with another pop/R&B group. He spent five years with the hard rock/metal group Clever Scam, a fast, technical group based out of Dallas. Chris left Clever Scam in 1997, and has been writing and recording instrumental pieces since then.

Burton's goal is to have his own sound, compose and produce the best music that his is capable of making, and to be marketed worldwide by Favored Nations Entertainment.

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