Dream Theater "Awake"

Dream Theater "Awake"

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Dream Theater
The Story
Dream Theater's 1994 album, "Awake", was recorded after a year-and-a-half of touring to support their previous CD, "Images And Words", and offers a look into all that the band had come to realize and recognize on that adventure. "Awake", which blends progressive hard rock and metal, features the hammering instrumental "Erotomania", the dark, brooding "The Mirror", the intense "6:00", and the heavily throbbing "Caught In A Web" -- all examples of Petrucci, Portnoy and company at their heaviest -- only letting up for melodic moments in songs such as "Voices" and the acoustic "The Silent Man". Guitar fans will revel in "Lie", with its dropped "D" tuning, and riff upon heavy riff from Petrucci's axe - blazing solos that leave other progressive guitarists in the dust.
The Music
05:31 6:00 Vocal
05:28 Caught In A Web Vocal
05:43 Innocence Faded Vocal
06:45 Erotomania Instrumental
09:53 Voices Vocal
03:48 The Silent Man Vocal
06:45 The Mirror Vocal
06:34 Lie Vocal
06:05 Lifting Shadows Off A Dream Vocal
11:00 Scarred Vocal
07:29 Space-Dye Vest Vocal
The Artists
John Petrucci Guitar, Cover Concept
John Myung Bass, Cover Concept
Kevin Moore Keyboards, Cover Concept
Mike Portnoy Drums, Percussion, Cover Concept
James LaBrie Voices, Cover Concept
John Purdell Production, Engineering, Mixing
Duane Baron Production, Engineering, Mixing
Mike Stock Engineering Assistance
Greg Cathcart Engineering Assistance
Ryan Arnold Mixing Assistance
Ed Miller Mixing Assistance
Ted Jensen Mastering
Rich Kern Programming on "Space-Dye Vest"
Derek Oliver A&R
Larry Freemantle Art Direction
Donald May Art Direction
Dennis Keeley Photography
Dan Muro Cover Concept
Recorded May-July 1994 at One-On-One Studios, North Hollywood, CA and Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

Mixed July-August, 1994 at Larrabee Sound Studios, L.A., CA and Unique Studios, NYC, NY.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC, NY.

Pre-production at Prince Enterprises, NYC, NY, and Full Blast Rehearsal Studios, L.A., CA.

Dialogue on "Voices" by Prix-mo (courtesy of "Cultural Revolution").