Gary Wooten

Gary Wooten


Steel Guitar Sounding Instrumentals

On his six song demo CD-R, Austin, Texas based guitarist Gary Wooten takes his love for the instrumental guitar form, mixes it with a Danny Gatton influence to come up with his sound. Called Forever Digging Deeper, the collection takes you on a virtual journey through the countryside. "Speedbump Swing" starts it off, with the promised psuedo-steel guitar type of sound, whereas songs such as "'Grass" deliver bluegrass tinged with a bit of jazz. Wooten can flat play the stuffing out of his instrument; his developed technical ability drives most of the pieces into guitar dreamland. Wooten grew up playing rock guitar, so the material heard on Forever Digging Deeper is quite an about-face. His compositional approach gives each tune on the CD-R a distinctive flavor and mood - seems Wooten is ready for the next step - a full length production.


Gary began taking guitar lessons at the age of six in Greenville, NC. He continued with lessons until the age of eighteen, when he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Guitar Institute Of Technology. Gary has played and toured professionally with Don Cox (country) and the Mike Corrado Band, and spent all of 2001 living in Las Vegas, playing six shows a night, six days a week. His goal is to create a sound somewhere between a steel guitar, Stevie Ray Vaughan and a saxophone. Gary strives to write technically impressive guitar music that can not only be enjoyed by guitar players, but by non-guitarists as well.

It has always been Wooten's goal to be a professional instrumental guitar player. Since completing his studies at GIT and touring for the past six years, he now believes he has the experience and ability to pull it off. Wooten is currently shopping around his CD-R to anyone who will listen.

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Gary Wooten
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