Guest Columnists Wanted!

Consider the benefits of sharing your musical knowledge with the world

John Kiefer

What We Are Looking For

Guitar Nine features seven or eight guest columnists each issue (every two months) on our home page, who feel they have something to say or to teach to the guitar community at large. We need you! If you have written guitar columns before, that is a plus, but certainly not a requirement. We feel most people who have invested many hours in learning their instruments and applying them to musical situations have some ideas that could benefit other guitarists.

Subjects You Can Write About

Specifically, we would like columns on guitar technique, songwriting, arranging, recording, the use of effects, artistic growth and motivation, the music business, live performance tips, etc. Our only requirement is that the columns be original. Please use your imagination and creativity to put your own spin on the subject you choose to write about.

Guitar Nine has featured over 300 guest columns from 1996 until now! View the complete list by going to our Master Column Index and clicking on the 'Guest Columnists' link. You may also get a feel for the types of columns previously featured by selecting column subjects under the 'Columns and Articles by Subject' sub-heading on the same page.

What You Will Get Out Of It

You will receive world wide exposure for your ideas and thoughts, as well as another contact point if you already have a web presence. You will get more publicity and exposure if you have just released a CD or cassette. You will get valuable experience at expressing your ideas in an organized and cohesive way. Last, but not least, you will receive our undying gratitude.

Submission Deadlines
February Edition: Submit before January 15
April Edition: Submit before March 15
June Edition: Submit before May 15
August Edition: Submit before July 15
October Edition: Submit before September 15
December Edition: Submit before November 15

How To Submit Your Columns And Articles For Consideration

Kevin Hammer

Send us your columns, using our site contact form (if you will be sending attachments, we will ask for those after the editors have reviewed your content). Please include a short resume of 50-100 words that describe your musical approach, influences, years of playing, etc. If you are promoting an album release, please send us all the information associated with the record (including album artwork).

If your column is selected for publication in an upcoming issue, you will be notified by e-mail.

Please send contact information: name, address, phone, fax, e-mail address and, if you have a web site, the URL to link directly to your page.

NOTE: Guitar Nine reserves the right to edit (we do this a lot), or shorten the length (rare) of the chosen submission(s).