Howe/Wooten/Chambers "Extraction"

Howe/Wooten/Chambers "Extraction"

album cover

The Story
Greg Howe's first record, critically acclaimed by the guitar cognoscenti, was voted by readers of Guitar Player Magazine as one of the best two records of that year. Throughout the decade Greg has developed his style further and has amassed a legion of fans which have led him to gigs as a guitarist for Michael Jackson, Enrique Englesias, N'Sync and Justin Timberlake. Greg's solo albums have always been laden with musical integrity and have inspired many. "Extraction" brings him together with bassist Victor Wooten who has carved out a brilliant career as a solo artist, music educator and as a member of the critically acclaimed Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Dennis Chambers is known for his work with Steely Dan, Parliament, Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, and Santana. Each musician on this CD is arguably the best at what they do and they are three of the most three of the most respected players in the circle of musician's musicians.
The Music
06:13 Extraction Instrumental
06:07 Tease Instrumental
05:59 Crack It Way Open Instrumental
06:30 Contigo Instrumental
04:15 Proto Cosmos Instrumental
02:24 A Delicacy Instrumental
06:02 Lucky 7 Instrumental
06:20 Ease Up Instrumental
06:18 Bird's Eye View Instrumental
The Artists
Greg Howe Guitar, Guitar Synth, Keyboards, Production, Engineering
Victor Wooten Bass
Dennis Chambers Drums
Dave Cook Additional Keyboards, All Keyboard Solos
Mark Gifford Drum Engineering, Mixing
John Grant Pre-Production Drum Engineering
Tony Gross Mixing
Ashley Moore Mastering
Lisa Lake Photography
Dave Stepehns Package and Graphic Design
Drums recorded at Moore Music Recording.

Pre-Production drums recorded at Secret Sound Studio.

Piano recorded at Ashmoon Studio.

Guitars recorded at Greg's home studio.

Additional keyboards recorded at Dave Cook's home studio.

Bass recorded at Victor Wooten's home studio.

Mixed at GFI Productions, Ontario, NY.

Mastered at AMOR Productions.