Jamie Humphries "Learn To Play Stevie Ray Vaughan"

Jamie Humphries "Learn To Play Stevie Ray Vaughan"


Jamie Humphries
Learn To Play Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Story
Learn five Stevie Ray Vaughan tracks note for note with Jamie Humphries! "Learn To Play Stevie Ray Vaughan" is an excellent 2 DVD set that will teach you the jaw-dropping techniques that made Stevie the greatest blues guitarist of his generation!

DVD-R technology allows you to learn at your own pace, selecting and replaying material, and looping play-along tracks to get the most out of each lesson. Use your PC to access interactive content and web links.

Features the following tracks: "Texas Flood", "Pride And Joy", "Scuttlebuttin'", "Cold Shot" and "The Sky Is Crying".

For each song, the guitar solos are played first slowly, then at the correct speed to help players learn to play each solo exactly like the original.

DVD-R format (about DVD-R compatibility).

Additional Facts
Jamie Humphries is the author of the acclaimed Giants Of Rock and Giants Of Metal guitar courses. He is a tutor at one of the UK's leading music colleges, and a regular contributor to Guitar Techniques magazine.