John Scofield "Jazz-Funk Guitar"

John Scofield "Jazz-Funk Guitar"


John Scofield
Jazz-Funk Guitar
The Story
"Jazz-Funk Guitar" is a two-volume set on one DVD On "Jazz-Funk Guitar" part 1, guitarist John Scofield's multi-faceted style is covered in depth as he discusses: intervallic ideas, chordal concepts, string-skipping, playing lines across the fingerboard and developing a personal sound.

Scofield provides a wealth of harmonic and melodic ideas that are sure to enhance your musical vocabulary. There is also some beautiful solo guitar playing, as John performs "Georgia On My Mind", "All The Things You Are" and others.

On "Jazz-Funk Guitar" part 2, John's compositional approach is covered in depth. Using examples from his tunes, John goes over concepts such as: chromaticism, playing over changes, form, contour, voice-leading and pedal tones.

He also analyzes the compositions performed on this DVD, including the classic "Still Warm". There is also a section on John's sound as he discusses his effects.

Special DVD features include: Tuning segment, John Scofield-On Improvisation, Bonus Lesson-Double Stop Funk Grooves, "Jazz-Funk Guitar"-Book and CD Preview, Additional Product Previews, Printable PDF reference materials, Internet connectivity.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: 1

Additional Facts
John Scofield's distinctive style is a blend of jazz, funk, rock, blues and New Orleans music, combined with unsurpassed improvisational ability and melodic invention. John has recorded and played with jazz great Miles Davis, has appeared on numerous landmark jazz recordings and has distinguished himself as a composer and leader.