Lara/Reyes "Exotico"

Lara/Reyes "Exotico"

album cover

The Story
The dynamic guitar tandem Lara & Reyes continue their ever-evolving musical vision on their third Higher Octave album, "Exotico", a multi-faceted collection which textures their one-of-a-kind, melodic acoustic string chemistry with violin, flute, saxophone and keyboards for the first time. "Exotico" is music full of the colors and rhythms of Latin America and the islands. It is music to listen to, dream to... Music to dance to and travel by. Every song has a story to tell, each set against the exquisite backdrop of one or another exotic landscape or skyline. Breathe its salt-water winds, drink its sweet river currents, and let yourself be transported.
The Music
05:30 Exotico Instrumental
04:38 Cascabeles (Rattlers) Instrumental
04:49 Despertar (Awakening) Instrumental
04:38 Bahia Del Palmar (Palmar Bay) Instrumental
05:28 Dulce Libertad (Sweet Freedom) Instrumental
04:18 Morning Rain Instrumental
06:40 Mi Cuidad (My City) Instrumental
05:45 Katia's Dance Instrumental
04:02 Falda De Jade (Jade Skirt) Instrumental
05:43 Brazil Instrumental
06:17 Guitarras Ardientes (Burning Guitars) Instrumental
The Artists
Sergio Lara Acoustic Guitar, Snake Rattle, Ocarina, Samba Whistle, Palmas, Rainstick, Mandolin, Clay Pot, Production
Joe Reyes Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Acoustic Steel-String Guitar, Cajon, Shaker, Clave, Cowbell, Cymbals, Timbales, Palmas, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Rainstick, Oud, Birdcall, Wood Block, Assorted Percussion, Production, Engineering
Jose Perello Acoustic Guitar on "Guitarras Ardientes"
Mark Rubinstein Keyboards
Greg Norris Bass
Arturo L. Garza Bongos
Ricky Garcia Cymbals, Chimes, Birdcall, Assorted Percussion
Richard A. Garcia Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo
Hank Harrison Violin
Steve Wilbanks Engineering
Duff Tatian Mastering
William Aura Mastering
Murray Whiteman Cover Illustration
Kenny Nemes Product Management
Maria Ehrenreich Production Coordination
Brad Hines Photography
Matt Marshall Executive Production
Dan Selene Executive Production
Recorded and mixed at Stratagem Recording Studios, San Marcos, Texas.

Digitally mastered at Quad Teck Digital using SuperBit Plus.

Art direction and design by Pelican Bay Studios.

Stylist: Julie Menzel.