Larry Carlton "Fire Wire"

Larry Carlton "Fire Wire"

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Larry Carlton
Fire Wire
The Story
There are two reasons why Larry Carlton's "Fire Wire" is a rebirth for one of the great guitarists of our time. The first, of course, is Carlton himself. His playing here is more direct, more raw and emotional than anything he's laid down in recent years. The second reason is his producer, Csaba Petocz. A veteran producer who has worked on 37 #1 hit songs and 32 platinum albums, Petocz has spent time in the studio with Ted Nugent and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica and Etta James, Elvis Costello and Aaron Neville. He's comfortable with hard-core, no-holds-barred, soulful blues and snarling rock & roll. And after attending one of Carlton's concerts earlier this year, Petocz couldn't wait to get into the studio and issue some marching orders. "Look, Larry is one of the great rock players of all time," he declares. "But when you mention his name now, people think of him as a smooth jazz player. That's great, nothing at all wrong with that, but when you see him live it's amazing how powerful he is when he just rocks out. So I began thinking: does the world really need another jazz record? Probably not; what it needs is to rediscover the rock & roll side of Larry Carlton."
The Music
03:18 Inkblot 11 Instrumental
04:36 Double Cross Instrumental
03:49 Naked Truth Instrumental
05:01 Surrender Instrumental
03:42 Big Trouble Instrumental
04:40 Goodbye Instrumental
05:37 Dirty Donna's House Party Instrumental
04:35 The Prince Instrumental
05:11 Sunrise Instrumental
06:48 Mean Street Instrumental
The Artists
Larry Carlton Guitars, Arrangements
Matt Chamberlain Drums
Michael Rhodes Bass
Jeff Babko Keyboards
Mark Douthit Saxophone
Barry Green Trombone
Doug Moffet Baritone Sax
Mike Haynes Trumpet
Casaba Petocz Production, Additional Engineering, Mixing
Joe Chiccarelli Engineering
Aldo Ruggiero Additional Engineering
Mike Glines Additional Engineering
Jason Gossman Additional Engineering
Mark Ditto Additional Engineering
Doug Sax Mastering
Larry Hamby A&R
Frank Harkins Art Direction
David McClister Photography
Tracks 1-4 recorded at Capitol Studio B. Tracks 5-10 recorded at Western Recorders.

Overdubs recorded at The Panic Room, Hollywood and The Castle, North Hollywood.

Horns recorded at Masterfonics Studio 6.

Mixed at The Castle, North Hollywood.

Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Ojai, California.