Leo Kottke "Guitar Music"

Leo Kottke "Guitar Music"

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Leo Kottke
Guitar Music
The Story
A classic 1981 release, "Guitar Music" is a self-explanatorily-titled instrumental album by one of the most wide-ranging guitarists of his era. Leo Kottke is influenced by a huge variety of musics, as evidenced by the covers of "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds", "All I Have to Do Is Dream" and a glorious country-blues version of Santo and Johnny's classic "Sleepwalk."

"Part Two" and "Available Space" are watery, jazz-tinged melodies, but the six-part "Some Birds" suite is one of Kottke's most impressive compositions ever. Varied yet subtly linked, these six pieces are small gems. The new age aspects of Kottke's mid-'80s releases have their roots in this extended work, but there's nothing amorphous or muzak-like about this album.

The Music
01:41 Part Two Instrumental
01:34 Available Space Instrumental
00:59 Side One Suite: Some Birds Instrumental
01:28 Side One Suite: Sounds Like Instrumental
02:42 Side One Suite: Slang Instrumental
02:05 Side One Suite: My Double Instrumental
02:13 Side One Suite: Three Walls and Bars Instrumental
00:59 Side One Suite: Reprise:Some Birds Instrumental
02:44 Perforated Sleep Instrumental
02:31 Strange Instrumental
01:32 Little Shoes Instrumental
02:15 Jib's Hat Instrumental
02:41 Tumbling Tumbleweeds Instrumental
01:49 Agile N. Instrumental
03:06 A Song For 'The Night Of The Hunter' Instrumental
01:42 All I Have To Do Is Dream Instrumental
02:20 Sleep Walk Instrumental
The Artists
Leo Kottke Guitar, Production
Scott Rivard Engineering
Paul Martinson Engineering
John Van Hamersveld Art Director
Nick Rozsa Photography
Recorded in Minneapolis at Sound 80, October and December, 1980.

Guitar solos on Gibson J-45, Lundberg-Martin 12-String.