Marty Friedman "Music For Speeding"

Marty Friedman "Music For Speeding"

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Marty Friedman
Music For Speeding
The Story
Marty Friedman's "Music For Speeding" is sure to please the fans of his earlier more aggressive work (Cacophony, Megadeth) as well as attract new fans to his playing. There is some wicked guitar on the album, no question... Marty played, produced and even engineered his new solo album. Fans of Friedman's first solo album, "Dragon's Kiss" and his aggressive playing in Cacophony and Megadeth will freak out when they hear that style applied in Marty's new, more modern format. Tracks feature almost every 'Friedman-ism' he is known for, sylistically ranging from orchestral soundtrack style music to furious aggressive rock, with the common thread being Marty's unique and tasty sense of melody. Absolutely essential.
The Music
03:45 Gimme A Dose Instrumental
03:27 Fuel Injection Stingray Instrumental
04:24 Ripped Instrumental
04:02 It's The Unreal Thing Instrumental
03:59 Cheer Girl Rampage Instrumental
04:25 Lust For Life Instrumental
04:25 Lovesorrow Instrumental
04:27 Nastymachine Instrumental
03:56 Catfight Instrumental
03:50 Corazon De Santiago Instrumental
00:40 0-7-2 Instrumental
02:02 Salt In The Wound Instrumental
03:47 Nococaine Kiss Instrumental
The Artists
Marty Friedman Guitars, Programming, Sequencing, Shamisen, Production, Engineering
Jimmy O'Shea Bass
Jeremy Colson Drums
Brian Beevar Keyboards
James Jacobson Synthistration and Arranging on #7
Jason Moss Additional Programming, Enjoyable Noise
Ben Woods Flamenco Guitar on #7
Dino Alden Mixing on #1, 2, 3, 4 & 6
Steve Fontano Engineering
Josh Weaver Engineering
Richie Kotzen Engineering
Dave Shirk Mastering
Jimmy Amason Technician
Leonard Haze Drum Technician
Pat Johnson Photography
Brian Ames Graphic Design
Recorded at Studio 880, Oakland, CA, Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati, CA, Quaa Sound, Scottsdale, AZ and Aldens Gate, Santa Rosa, CA.

Additional mixing by Sonic Bitch and Tone.

Mastered at Sonorus Mastering, Phoenix, AZ.

Preproduction rehearsals conducted at Soundwaves, Oakland, CA.