Michael Angelo Batio "Tradition"

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Michael Angelo Batio
The Story
Note: check out "Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity Part 2" featuring remastered versions of both Batio releases "Tradition" and "Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity" on one CD. Michael Angelo Batio's third solo CD enitled "Tradition" was originally released in late 1998 as the companion CD to his "Jam with Angelo" video. "China" kicks off the CD, and the main riff is in 6/4 time and very heavy -- almost like a Megadeth riff. Michael then states the main melody and away he goes. His fluid style sends notes gliding and flying all over the fretboard. His thick, round sound making the unbelievable passages seen easy and effortless. Michael starts "The Finish Line" with a be-bop jazz phrase and has a guitar choir back him up. Then the songs kicks in and it goes onto a boogie type progression. Immediately after that the main theme is stated and the song turns into a neoclassical anthem. We counted more than seven different key changes and parts in this track alone. "Voices of the Distant Past" is a progressive rock masterpiece with shades of John McLaughlin and some of the most complex mixed meter passages that have been written. "Prog" starts with a very neoclassical intro and then turns into one of the "coolest" grooves and melodies that Michael has written with him playing in the Phrygian mode over "tribal" rhythms.
The Music
04:31 China Instrumental
05:24 The Finish Line Instrumental
05:27 Prog Instrumental
05:27 I Can't Take It No More Instrumental
03:37 Video Jam Instrumental
04:21 Prog Revisited Instrumental
06:06 Voices Of The Distant Past Instrumental
05:28 Video Rhythm Track One Instrumental
05:25 Video Rhythm Track Two Instrumental
03:23 Video Rhythm Track Three Instrumental
04:32 Video Rhythm Track Four Instrumental
02:41 Video Rhythm Track Five Instrumental
The Artists
Michael Angelo Batio Guitar, All Instruments, Arrangements, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Dan Machnik Photograpy
Recorded and mixed at Monster Mix Studio.

Mastered at Kingsize Sound Laboratories, Chicago, IL.

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