Michael Schenker "Into The Arena 1972-1995"

Michael Schenker "Into The Arena 1972-1995"

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Michael Schenker
Into The Arena 1972-1995
The Story
"Into The Arena 1972-1995" (subtitled "Highlights & Overtures") is a collection of 34 tracks spread over two CDs, featuring 150 minutes of music! The package is a retrospective of Michael Schenker's entire career through 1995, and draws together a selection of non-album rarities and previously Japanese only tracks. It features a deluxe 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes. This is the first time there has been an anthology covering his entire career from the Scorpions and UFO through to his days with M.S.G. and the McAuley-Schenker Group. "Into The Arena 1972-1995" counts eight instrumentals (including "Arbory Hill", "Ulcer" and "Captain Nemo"), and vocal highlights include, "Rock Bottom", "Lights Out","Save Yourself", "Here Today-Gone Tomorrow", "A Self-Made Man" and many, many more.
The Music
=== DISC 1 === Vocal
03:59 Give Her The Gun Vocal
06:32 Rock Bottom Vocal
02:20 Lipstick Traces Instrumental
06:13 This Kids (Including Between The Walls) Vocal
04:35 Lights Out Vocal
01:10 Arbory Hill Instrumental
04:53 Lovedrive Vocal
04:09 Armed And Ready Vocal
02:18 Bijou Pleasurette Instrumental
03:44 Courvoisier Concerto (Live) Instrumental
07:10 Lost Horizons (Live) Vocal
03:57 Ulcer Instrumental
05:51 Desert Song Vocal
03:23 Captain Nemo Instrumental
04:39 Here Today-Gone Tomorrow Vocal
04:31 Lonely NIghts Vocal
06:23 A Self-Made Man Vocal
=== DISC 2 === Vocal
03:26 It All Depends Vocal
03:52 Sweet Little Thing Vocal
04:55 On With The Action (Live) Vocal
05:14 Cry For The Nations Vocal
04:40 Armed And Ready (Live) Vocal
04:17 Into The Arena (Live) Instrumental
05:21 Girl From Uptown Vocal
04:16 Don't Take It Out On Me Vocal
04:50 Gimme Your Love Vocal
05:02 Save Yourself (Single Edit) Vocal
01:49 There Has To Be Another Way Instrumental
03:38 Vicious Vocal
04:53 Eve Vocal
04:08 Nightmare (Single Edit) Vocal
05:48 Anytime * Vocal
04:37 Paradise (Live) * Vocal
04:27 Only You Can Rock Me (Live) * Vocal
    * Acoustic
The Artists
Michael Schenker Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Production
Rudolf Schenker Rhythm Guitar
Paul Raymond Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Mitch Perry Guitar
Steve Mann Guitars, Keyboards
Spencer Sercombe Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lothar Heimberg Bass
Francis Bucholz Bass
Pete Way Bass
Mo Foster Bass
Chris Glen Bass
Rocky Newton Bass
Jeff Pilson Bass
Klaus Meine Vocals
Wolfgang Dziony Drums
Herman Rarebell Drums
Phil Mogg Vocals
Andy Parker Drums
Chick Churchill Keyboards
Gary Barden Vocals
Don Airey Keyboards
Simon Phillips Drums
Cozy Powell Drums
Graham Bonnet Vocals
Ted McKenna Drums
Tommy Eyre Keyboards
Andy Nye Keyboards
Robin McAuley Vocals, Production
Bobo Schopf Drums
James Kottak Drums
Leo Lyons Production
Ron Nevison Production
Dieter Dierks Production
Roger Glover Production
David Wooley Production
David Kirkwood Production
Martin Birch Production
Louis Austin Production
Andy Johns Production
Kevin Beamish Production
Conrad Plank Production
Frank Filipetti Production
Warren Barnett Mastering
Ian McFarlane Conception, Compilation, Annotation, Track Notes, Project Co-ordination, Photographs
David Tyler Conception, Compilation, Photographs
Glenn A. Baker Project Co-ordination, Photographs
Additional production by M.S.G.

Recorded at Morgan Studios, London; AIR Studios, London; Dierks Studios, Cologne, Germany; Wessex Studios, London; Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo; La Chateau, France; Ridge Farm Studios, London; PUK Studios, Denmark; Rumbo Recorders, Los Angeles; Star Studio, Hamburg, Germany; Live at the Amphitheater, Chicago; Live at the Apollo, Manchester; Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London; Right Track Studios, New York City; Studio 56, Hollywood; Anaheim Celebrity Theatre, CA.

Mastered at Raven Labs.

Art and design by Black Widow Graphic Design.