Ottmar Liebert "Euphoria"

Ottmar Liebert "Euphoria"

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Ottmar Liebert
The Story
"Euphoria". Music. Sound. It is not with our ears we hear. We hear a mind that organizes the information received by our ears. Reality is shaped by the software we use to analyze the data. Mind structures reality. Data has no life separate from the software that organizes it. Let the music rain on your brain and fall through the cracks. Let it take you. Non-verbal communication. Sub-consciousness to sub-consciousness. Ears to feet on dance floor. Achieve resonance. This resonance is an awesome power and it can happen live or with a DJ, it can happen in a mosh pit, in a chill room, at a rave or at a classical music concert. Music is life. Give in to it. Let it take you on a trip. Loud or soft. Let it seduce you. Play it over and over again. Turn it on and tune in. Rinse. Repeat.
The Music
04:56 Lush (La Calypso Mix/Edit) Instrumental
05:22 Havana Club (Latin Mix) Instrumental
06:48 Lone Rider A Instrumental
04:39 Slip Instrumental
07:03 Havana Club (Suspended Mix) Instrumental
06:08 Lone Rider B Instrumental
09:35 Lush (La Calypso Mix) Instrumental
The Artists
Ottmar Liebert Guitar, Lute, Production
Steve Hillage Remixing
Steve Be Zet Remixing
Aki Nawaz Remixing
Domenico Camardella Editing
Doug Sax Mastering
Nancy Donald Art Direction
Caroline Greysbock Photography
Robert Jew Illustration
Remixed at Butterfly in London, England, Eye Q in Frankfurt, Germany, Nation In London, England, and Sound Design in Santa Barbara, USA.

Edited at Sound Design in Santa Barbara, USA, and Spiral Subwave in Santa Fe, USA.

Additional editing by Luna Negra.

Mastered at The Mastering Lab.