Paul Gilbert "Terrifying Guitar Trip"

Paul Gilbert "Terrifying Guitar Trip"


Paul Gilbert
Terrifying Guitar Trip
The Story
"Terrifying Guitar Trip", is now available on DVD! Learn to play with intensity, speed and finesse!

Paul Gilbert's "Terrifying Guitar Trip" takes you from the studio to the stage, with lots of thoroughly explained guitar music in between. Paul gives advice for beginners as well as plenty of challenging licks for intermediate and advanced players. If you wish to play with intensity, speed and finesse - without getting bored - grab your guitar and journey with Paul on the "Terrifying Guitar Trip"! Includes printable PDF reference material and rare footage of Paul in concert and in the studio.

Special DVD features include: Rare Footage of Paul in Concert and in the Studio, Printable PDF Companion Booklet

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Additional Facts
Paul Gilbert, guitarist for the bands Racer X and Mr. Big, is considered one of the fastest guitar players in the world. At the age of 19, Gilbert recorded his first album with the band Racer X and stunned audiences in L.A. with his fast, clean and intense rock guitar style. He later went on to form Mr. Big with Billy Sheehan. He was listed as one of the "Top 10 Shredders Of All Time" by Guitar One magazine, and had a regular column in the British guitar magazine, Total Guitar. He has also contributed instructional articles to Guitar Player magazine, and teaches at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT).