Queensryche "Live Evolution"

Queensryche "Live Evolution"


Live Evolution
The Story
"Live Evolution" isn't a retrospective about a band who have left their mark on music. It is the documentation of a band who are leaving their mark on music. At the Moore Theatre, Queensryche brought their past into the present and gave us hope for the future. "Live Evolution" is more than dedication, inspiration and musical evolution. "Live Evolution" is Queensryche. The DVD was recorded live July 27th and 28th, 2001 from Seattle, Washington's Moore Theater.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, New Interview with Lead Singer Geoff Tate. The Complete Queensryche Operation: LIVEcrime Story From The Original Box Set Booklet, Bonus Fan Photo Gallery, 2 Hidden Bonus Tracks.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs from the EP/Warning/Rage Suite: "NM 156", "Roads To Madness", "The Lady Wore Black", "London", "Screaming In Digital", "Take Hold Of The Flame" and "Queen Of The Reich"; from the

Mindcrime Suite: "Revolution Calling", "Suite Sister Mary", "My Empty Room" and "Eyes Of A Stranger"; from the Empire/Promised Land Suite: "I Am I", "Damaged", "Empire", "Silent Lucidity" and "Jet City Women"; and from the HITNF/Q2K Suite: "Hit The Black", "Breakdown" and "The Right Side of My Mind".