Steve Pollick

Steve Pollick


Pennsylvania's Progressive Metal Man

Guitarist/vocalist Steve Pollick, from Pennsylvania, submitted his demo CD-R, entitled Trials Of Egypt, which features twelve tracks in the progressive metal style. Most are vocal tracks, with a few instrumentals ("Funeral For Osiris" and "Anubis"). Pollick has a heavy, aggressive rhythm style, which is very appealing, and can shred at top speed in the guitar solo sections. Since Pollick mentioned that he is sending out his demo to various record companies, some suggestions for improvement are in order. He's got the guitar playing down, so he should consider doing the following on future demos: teaming up with a dynamic, professional vocalist, hiring or hooking up with a metal drummer (this is an absolute requirement for heavy music), and writing and recording shorter tunes, ones that hit quickly, hit hard, and leave the listener wanting more. There is an incredibly high standard for demos these days, so to attract any attention at all, Pollick has got to really upgrade his personnel, as well as his recorded sound, which is a bit muffled and midrangy.


Steve got his first guitar at age eight. He began taking lessons at a local music store with a private instructor. Steve initially loved groups he saw on MTV, such as Whitesnake, Guns 'N' Roses and Motley Crue, but he soon discovered artists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore and Greg Howe. After hearing these talented artists and their highly advanced techniques, he began playing various types of music with other musicians from his school. Steve discovered his real passion was progressive music, and decided to begin recording songs that he had written.

Pollick is currently sending out his demo to record companies for exposure, or to see if they can get him in touch with other artists to play with. He is also working on new material, and playing with other musicians on some side projects.

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