Steve Smith & Vital Information "Vitalive!"

Steve Smith & Vital Information "Vitalive!"

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Steve Smith & Vital Information
The Story
"Vitalive!" is a great representation of Vital Information (with Frrank Gambale on guitar) in a live setting - the power of the full band, the intimacy of various solos, duets, trios and quartets. Drummer/leader Steve Smith has the unique ability of being at home in many musical settings: marching bands, Dixieland, swing, big band, be-bop, avant-garde, R&B, rock 'n' roll, fusion, heavy metal and world beat - Smith has studied and mastered them all. However, his number one choice is his own group, Vital Information. This band has kept his interest in jazz alive, and it is into this music he has been able to use his talent and knowledge of the most diverse musical styles and rhythms.
The Music
06:06 One Flight Up Instrumental
05:39 Looks Bad, Feels Good Instrumental
05:13 Jave And A Nail Instrumental
07:09 (What Lies) Beyond Instrumental
08:29 I Should Care Instrumental
04:59 Mac Attack Instrumental
07:30 Johnny Cat Instrumental
06:38 The Perfect Date Instrumental
07:31 Island Holiday Instrumental
04:38 Europa (Earth Cry - Heaven's Smile) Instrumental
The Artists
Frank Gambale Guitar, Voice on "Johnny Cat"
Steve Smith Drums, Production, Mixing
Tom Coster Keyboards
Larry Schneider Saxophone
Larry Grenadier Acoustic Bass
Tom Coster Jr. Additional Keyboards on "One Flight Up"
Wally Buck Engineering, Mixing
Joe Terantino Editing
Paul Goodman Mastering
Susan Smith Project Coordinator, Creative Consultant
Lambert Spix Cover Concept, Art Direction, Design, Painting
Andreas Wurfel Cover Concept
Recorded at Club Nova 2, Ignacio, California, August 21, 1989.

Mixed at Neverland Studio, Marin County, California, USA.

Edited on Sonic Solution Pre Mastering System at Fantasy Studios, Berkley, CA.

Mastered at BMG Studios, NY.