Steve Trovato "Rock Profiles: Albert Lee Guitar Techniques"

Steve Trovato "Rock Profiles: Albert Lee Guitar Techniques"


Steve Trovato
Rock Profiles: Albert Lee Guitar Techniques
The Story
With "Rock Profiles: Albert Lee Guitar Techniques", you'll learn some of Albert Lee's hottest licks with Steve Trovato.

This excellent two hour DVD-R will teach you some of the guitar techniques that influenced country guitarists worldwide!

If you're looking to take your playing to the next level, this DVD-R will provide you with an arsenal of Albert Lee style licks that you can incorporate into your own solos. Also includes three guitar jam tracks!

DVD-R format (about DVD-R compatibility).

Additional Facts
The DVD is hosted by Steve Trovato. Trovato is best known as a world class country guitarist, but is equally proficient in a wide range of popular guitar styles. He has written a number of bestselling guitar tuition books, and between touring maintains a full time position in the Guitar Department at the University of Southern California.