Stuart Bull "Ultimate Techniques: Legato Licks And Techniques"

Stuart Bull "Ultimate Techniques: Legato Licks And Techniques"


Stuart Bull
Ultimate Techniques: Legato Licks And Techniques
The Story
"Ultimate Techniques: Legato Licks And Techniques" is a superb DVD that breaks down and explains the exciting guitar technique known as "legato". Smooth, lightning fast runs can be performed easily - either ascending or descending the fretboard. Useful scale shapes, legato patterns and six note octave copies are all shown here to great effect. Learn the legato styles popularized by guitar legends Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

If you want to take your guitar techniques to the next level this excellent DVD tutorial will give you a stockpile of legato licks to add to your repertoire.

DVD-R format (about DVD-R compatibility).

Additional Facts
The DVD is hosted by Stuart Bull, who has taught tens of thousands of guitarists worldwide through the award winning Total Accuracy guitar series. He has made numerous TV appearances on the the Musicians Channel's Advanced Guitar programs, as well as working with major artists from the world of rock and pop.