Tobias Hurwitz "Getting Your Sound"

Tobias Hurwitz "Getting Your Sound"


Tobias Hurwitz
Getting Your Sound
The Story
How do your favorite guitarists get their sounds? With "Getting Your Sound" you'll learn the setup secrets of the masters and find your own great sound in this 56-page manual for serious guitarists. Read about guitars, amplifiers and effects units and now to make your own gear work its best. Each effect is convered in depth, and a special section details the setups of the masters, suggesting ways to recreate their sounds with basic effects available anywhere. A special section on the physics of sound is included. This is a must for every electric guitarist. A CD is included demonstrating all the guitars, amps, effects and master guitarists' setups.

Features include: sound setups for guitarists such as Satriani, Cobain, Hendrix, Vaughan, Van Halen, Metallica, Rhoads, etc., pedal section (including Fuzz, Chorus, Overdrive, Wah, Reverb, Talk Box, etc.), ordering effects, picks and strings, and licks for the pedals and processors chapter.

Whether your perfect tone lies in straight amplification, pedal boards, rack systems or walls of monster amps, you have to know what you want and what the options are to achieve your goals. When you do, you will be immediately inspired and your playing will improve. Learning about tone is almost as hard as learning the instrument itself. It takes times and costs money. Hoepfully, this book will save you some of both.

Additional Facts
Tobias Hurwitz is an instructor at The National Guitar Workshop. He is the author of the book "Learn How To Transcribe For Guitar", also published by The National Guitar Workshop and Alfred.

Tobias resides in Baltimore, Maryland where he leads his band and teaches privately. His award winning instrumental release "Painted Sky" is now available. Tobias is a contributing writer for Guitar Magazine and Guitar One Magazine. He also endorses PRS guitars, Budda amps and Ernie Ball strings.