Tobias Hurwitz "Play Rock Guitar: Getting Started"

Tobias Hurwitz "Play Rock Guitar: Getting Started"


Tobias Hurwitz
Play Rock Guitar: Getting Started
The Story
"Play Rock Guitar: Getting Started" is a complete DVD and book package that teaches the basics of lead and rhythm rock guitar. After completing this course, you'll be able to jam along with your favorite recordings, play live with a band and create your own unique sound.

You'll learn:

* All about the Strat and Les Paul, the two most popular styles of rock gutiar.

* How to get the best tone from an amplifier.

* Useful musical concepts such as unisons, octaves, major scales and pentatonic scales.

* The tools of the rhythm guitarist: eighth-note grooves, power chords and open chords.

* Essential lead guitar techniques, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, vibrato, bends and slides.

* How to put all of this together into a killer guitar solo.

Best-selling author, WorkshopLive star and National Guitar Workshop virtuoso guitarist Tobias Hurwitz makes getting started on rock guitar fun and easy. Stunning videography, simple DVD navigation, the accompanying book and free access to make this the most powerful, unique learning tool available anywhere!

Additional Facts
Tobias Hurwitz is an instructor at The National Guitar Workshop. He is the author of the book "Learn How To Transcribe For Guitar", also published by The National Guitar Workshop and Alfred.

Tobias resides in Baltimore, Maryland where he leads his band and teaches privately. His award winning instrumental release "Painted Sky" is now available. Tobias is a contributing writer for Guitar Magazine and Guitar One Magazine. He also endorses PRS guitars, Budda amps and Ernie Ball strings.