Tobias Hurwitz "Punk Guitar Styles"

Tobias Hurwitz "Punk Guitar Styles"


Tobias Hurwitz
Punk Guitar Styles
The Story
"Punk Guitar Styles" is another book in The National Guitar Workshop's Guitar Styles Series, designed to teach guitarists how to fit into any playing situation in any style. "Punk Guitar Styles" is devoted to teaching you how to put some punk in your guitar playing. Punk music is typified by the pulse-pounding styles of bands such as The Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Nirvana. The book begins with the building blocks of punk and then continues with a breakdown of the various punk sub-styles. A CD is included to help you make sure that you are capturing the feel of the examples, interpreting the rhythms correctly, and so on.

Styles covered include: the New York Scene, the LA Scene, the London Scene, Thrash, First Wave Punk, Second Wave Punk and Grunge Punk.

Punk is a powerful force in rock music and pop culture. Its influence is felt everywhere from the cinema to the cyber world, to literature, art and even your own music store or mall. Puck's colorful history is clearly still unfolding, and will continue to shock and amaze us for many years to come. This book explores the role of the electric guitar in that history.

Additional Facts
Tobias Hurwitz is an instructor at The National Guitar Workshop. He is the author of the book "Learn How To Transcribe For Guitar", also published by The National Guitar Workshop and Alfred.

Tobias resides in Baltimore, Maryland where he leads his band and teaches privately. His award winning instrumental release "Painted Sky" is now available. Tobias is a contributing writer for Guitar Magazine and Guitar One Magazine. He also endorses PRS guitars, Budda amps and Ernie Ball strings.