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August-September 2013

Unity and variety in songwriting are essential to keeping a song balanced and maintaining interest throughout the entire piece of music.

June-July 2013

Most guitar players have a tendency to use a single (often limiting) approach to songwriting that holds them back from achieving the results they want.

December-January 2012

Connect with our audience; stirring up emotions while avoiding negative emotions.

October-November 2012

Shedding light on modes for those of you that are reaching out for new ideas to add to your musical armoury.

August-September 2012

When you find a group of musicians that you write, perform and hang with and can trust, well you may have won a lottery in life.

August-September 2011

This month`s lead guitar element focuses on using the major scale to build other scales.

June-July 2011

Pursuing your lead guitar development by reducing the major scale to modes (or inversions) in the name of improvisation.

December-January 2010

Here are nine songwriting tips you can use right away, regardless of your current level of technique.

October-November 2010

Kole teaches three essential and very effective concepts for making music.

December-January 2009

No matter your level, these five tips will greatly improve your compositional ability.

December-January 2009

Is the ability to write songs a gift, or can it be learned? Lou Lombardi has the answer.

April-May 2009

Adding color to the bland, unifying lyrics, and other compositional techniques.

December-January 2008

Kevin Ferguson offers guiding principles used to transcribe and arrange Vivaldi (and other Baroque) violin concertos to electric guitars.

December-January 2008

The lighter/darker side of the enigmatic diminished tritone, and its infamous interval, the b5th.

December-January 2008

The often misunderstood and underappreciated interval - the minor second.

August-September 2008

Kole goes beyond rut-busting, with tips on how to surpass all ruts.

June-July 2008

Kole supplies you, the songwriter/composer with three tools that will help you kick writer`s block `night in the ruts`.

April-May 2008

An introduction to the most familiar way of analyzing and composing music for many of us.

December-January 2007

You can get so much from exposure to unfamiliar music styles.

October-November 2007

A theory borrowed from psychology but adapted by the author to the musical realm.

October-November 2007

Tom Hess with his fourth installment on songwriting, with more advanced, yet simple and overlooked concepts.

August-September 2007

The second part of the process and benefits of writing down and charting specific details of the things the composer wishes to express is explained.

August-September 2007

Tom Hess with his third installment on ideas on selecting and using a compositional process that works best for you.

August-September 2007

Michael Knight looks at some activities for versatile composition and soloing.

June-July 2007

Tom Hess with even more ideas on selecting and using a compositional process that works best for you.

June-July 2007

The process and benefits of writing down and charting specific details of the things the composer wishes to express is explained.

April-May 2007

Tom Hess with ideas on selecting and using a compositional process that works best for you.

October-November 2006

Most guitarist are predominantly one or the other. Here`s some ways to achieve some balance.

June-July 2006

Tom Hess urges you to get beyond `guitarist` and `musician` to uncover the `artist` within.

February-March 2006

Developing riffs and melodies into complete, interesting and listenable pieces of music.

April-May 2005

Guitarist A-J Charron is here with his ideas on writing from the heart (not the checkbook).

April-May 2005

Ready to quit your day job? Get some thoughts and advice first, from one who`s done it.

April-May 2005

If you learn other peoples solos or listen to other people`s music, will it ruin your own creativity? Scott Tarulli gives his personal opinion.

April-May 2005

Hess guitarist Mike Walsh has got a great use for your next spare Benjamin.

February-March 2005

Interested in an aural and methodical inspiration? Let the Sultan of String show you his thematic ideas.

December-January 2004

Let guitarist Alan Lennon take you through the basics of writing songs, starting with the fundamentals of chord progressions.

August-September 2004

Creating a harmonic relationship between sections and adding to the sense of forward motion - Randy Ellefson is here with some great ideas.

April-May 2004

Tom Hess is back with a second installment on how creativity can be enhanced to improve songwriting and improvisation.

February-March 2004

Bryon Thompson on discovering new ways of writing stronger and more original material.

February-March 2004

Tom Hess discusses how creativity can be enhanced and stimulated to improve songwriting and improvisation.

December-January 2003

How do you write something fast, expressive and musical? Randy Ellefson is here with some tips.

October-November 2001

An in-depth look at Fareri`s neo-classical shred debut from the guitarist himself.