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Vai's whammy antics, speed and 'detuned' playing is highly unusual and original.

Since "Not Of The Earth" and "Surfing With The Alien" in the '80s, there's been a lot of Joe S. playing in our studio.

April-May 2021

Who could predict in 1980 that Def Leppard would have a 40+ year career, and that the addition of Collen would make such an impact?

February-March 2021

"Eruption", "Atomic Punk" and a fiery cover of "You Really Got Me" blew us away in 1978.

December-January 2020

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page inspired a generation of guitarists.

October-November 2020

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's unique sound.

August-September 2020

Studio wizard Tom Scholz literally altered the trajectory of my life.

June-July 1999

McAvinchey signs off on the popular series; what will the future bring.

April-May 1999

The past few years have seen the rise of several new ways to get your music promoted and selling, leveraging the strengths of the Internet.

February-March 1999

The odds of doing anything significant in the music business are long from the start, but artists who can't think beyond the short term have it thousands of times harder.

December-January 1998

Part two of our e-mailbag dump, answering some of the most commonly asked questions about releasing and promoting records.

October-November 1998

Don't make the mistake of thinking this is someone else's job. As an independent artist, the ball is in your court.

August-September 1998

CD recorders (or burners) are great in any studio. Should you consider releasing your next CD on CD-R.

June-July 1998

No man is an island. No indie label is an island either. The importance of cooperation.

April-May 1998

How to keep from destroying your confidence by setting realistic expectations for your recording projects.

February-March 1998

Is it really true? Will you get 30,000,000 music fans checking out your music just by creating a web page? Let's separate the hype from the reality.

December-January 1997

If you're a typical musician, you lack one or both of these critical qualities. Let's see how important they are to your success.

October-November 1997

Self-assessement time. Can you go it alone? You might need the synergy of two people working together to kick start your label.

August-September 1997

Completely subjective, straightforward tips in the areas of promotion, publicity and your career.

August-September 2018

Are you a half-finisher? Always eighty percent complete? How you can finish what ya started.

June-July 2018

Did you ever wonder where confidence comes from? How is it possible to have confidence at times, and suddenly lose confidence at critical moments?

February-March 1997

We turn the electronic mailbag upside down to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about releasing and promoting records.

December-January 1996

How to start and organize your own record label. It's a lot easier than you may think.

August-September 2020

Don't fall into the same old trap of convincing yourself that now is not the time.

August-September 1996

Not quite ready to release that record yet? You may be underestimating yourself.

December-January 1996

How to trigger inspiration by understanding what causes it, and more importantly, what causes it for you.