Dan McAvinchey

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June-July 1997

I record at home in my 16 track (analog) studio. It took me lots of time, energy and money but I`m glad that I`ve got one. Nothing can beat a home studio. You can go there anytime you want and not be bothered by anyone other than yourself. You don`t have to book time, and pay by the hour. Unless you`re a lunatic, that is.

June-July 1997

You have to have a good promotion budget and don`t skimp corners when it comes to this. You can have the greatest album and if no one knows that you have one out and available, it really is no good. Utilize all that you can with local publications and national ones as well. Always think of the nation as your market and not just your town. You can be the biggest thing in your hometown and unless they know you around, it really is not going to help you.

August-September 2018

Are you a half-finisher? Always eighty percent complete? How you can finish what ya started.

June-July 1997

Dan McAvinchey helps you to eliminate those pesty sonic gremlins from your home or project studio.

April-May 1997

Reader tips for twangin' up your sound.

June-July 2018

Did you ever wonder where confidence comes from? How is it possible to have confidence at times, and suddenly lose confidence at critical moments?

April-May 1997

Many of the first seeds of a song come to me when I`m mountain biking or jogging. It is at that time when my head gets totally clear and the creative juices start to flow. The tricky part is to remember your ideas until you get somewhere that you can write them down! Then it`s just a matter of developing the songs.

April-May 1997

Get on the Internet!! It`s the best way to get your music heard by millions of people all over the world. Get someone in the music industry to help you (if you`re lucky). Get a web-site and push your music and never stop. If you have a dream go for it and don`t let anything stop you! Get out there and perform your music live as much as possible.

February-March 1997

The use and abuse of compression.

April-May 2018

Sometimes it seems every guitar riff and chord progression has been done to death. How you can avoid the tendency to copy.

February-March 1997

We turn the electronic mailbag upside down to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about releasing and promoting records.

February-March 1997

We all write together at rehearsal. We never set out to write something new, it always happens that one of us will be tuning up with an idea or just jamming on something, and the other two will jump on it. By the time we realize it, half the song is already written. We look at each other and say, `I guess we`re gonna` write today!`


Dan McAvinchey is a guitarist and composer living in Raleigh, NC.

He believes every musician or composer has the power to write, record and release their own music.

Guitar Haus

His 1997 CD release on Guitar Nine was entitled "Guitar Haus".

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