Dan McAvinchey

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February-March 2004

Try to become proficient in marketing, and develop a keen business sense. This includes your recordings, music book publishing, other merchandising endeavors, etc. The music industry is a very, very tough one, and it takes serious dedication and an unbelievable work ethic to survive.

August-September 2003

The first thing that you should care about for a CD release is the music. You have to trust in yourself as a musician and composer and try to come up with interesting music and then find a nice studio to record it in, or you can record at home if you have a nice home studio.

June-July 2003

There were a lot of different things that inspired this CD. Once I put the studio together, I just started recording what I wanted to hear. I love guitar and electronic music. I really wanted to blend the two together more than it`s ever been done.

February-March 2003

I sent Lion Music a CD and they emailed me saying they were interested in signing me. I`m really happy to be with Lion. Some of the guitarists I grew up listening to are on that label, and that`s cool for me because it kind of lets me know that I`m finally on their level.

December-January 2002

I had always wanted to do a solo album, but it was all talk. One day I mentioned it again to my wife and she said don`t talk about it, do it. So I did. As soon as the real decision was made things started to fall into place, as they often do.

December-January 2002

I think that the best promo is playing live, and to be seen as much as possible. I do many clinics for Digitech, Parker and now Vox amplifiers. This is a great way for people to hear your music and to sell discs at the performances.

October-November 2002

The Internet itself is a huge jungle. I believe it gives a chance for those who don`t make it via a traditional label or distributor, if they know how to reach the audience.

October-November 2002

Let`s face it, it is hard to get a label to pick you up and understand your visions. On the other hand, doing an independent release, you have control and you learn a lot. Sure, it is hard work, but I love to work hard for a dream!

August-September 2002

I recently purchased an 18 track digital recorder made by Roland. I love having it and I`m amazed at the quality recordings with relatively little effort. I plan to do the third Delirious Tremor CD with it, as well as most future projects.

August-September 2002

The gear we use is a major part of the Plankton sound. We¥re resting on a solid foundation of the classic sounds from the 60¥s and 70¥s, made famous by Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin among others. It¥s basically Strats into various vintage Marshall amps and cabinets.

June-July 2002

Liquid Note Records (or LNR) was set up to principally cater for virtuoso instrumental guitar music - though that`s not to rule out the possibility that we`ll also release vocal albums in the future. LNR`s aim is to release albums every bit as good - or, dare I say it, better - than those released by the mighty Shrapnel.

June-July 2002

The beauty of being an independent artist is that I don`t die if I don`t score a big record deal! I`ll still have a career. These days with stevefister.com, Guitar 9, and some independent distribution, I can grow and have more control over my musical fate. A new CD means a bright new day, with more to follow!


Dan McAvinchey is a guitarist and composer living in Raleigh, NC.

He believes every musician or composer has the power to write, record and release their own music.

Guitar Haus

His 1997 CD release on Guitar Nine was entitled "Guitar Haus".

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