Other musicians

Andrew J. Zito

Our rates are $22 per hr. or an 8 hr. block of time is just $160 and you recive One CD one-off of your project. We also have Mastering capabilities at $15 per song. We are located in Lockport, NY, just 35 minutes from Buffalo,NY, Niagara Falls,NY, and 45 minutes from Niagara Falls and St. Caterains Ontario, Canada. Ph 1(716) 434-4838 or E-mail ajzito@ibm.net

Terry Himes

My Music is my Love and For several years my career. These days still my Love and main Hobby. Play and Record every chance I get. And willing to help anyone with their own project.

Rob Phillips

I am more into the technical aspects of audio engineering in practice and theory and having plain good fun when it comes to jamming and composing. I have been called to perform with a number of local bands but am not really interested in live performance. I get more satisfaction out of recording, mixing mastering and producing for other musicians. An engineer to the core. As part of my studies I am now dabbling in 3D animation and video production using 3DStudioMax3, Flash and Premiere.

Simon Nelson

I have been spending far too much money on low-quality recording stuff and not enough on going out and having fun. I resolve to do better in future. Honest.


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