Other musicians

David Bogdan

Having Fun! That's what counts!!! Also upgrading to Sonar 4.0 mainly because we can port the data to Pro Tools in case someone wants to go to a studio that has that stuff.

Fernando Barragan

We are a recording studio that began in 2001 working as a home studio, untill, the budget increased because of our client demand, and then began working semi-professionally, in Mexico City. Ou specialty is recording Rock and Heavy metal music, because we think it is one of the most, difficult and variable music to record, but that helps us to improve and learn new self-teached methods, because we had to, and we are still learning from our costumers. Talking about me, Fernando, I'm flexible and open-minded, talking about learning anything new everyday.

John Rewind

Rear Window Studios is used for demos by many noted Marin County artists and songwriters such as: Tom Johnston (Doobie Bros.),Davey Pattison (Gamma,Robin Trower), Joe New ( John Mellencamp,Levon Helm),Bobby Black (Commander Cody, Asleep at the Wheel,New Riders ), Dave Bronze (Eric Clapton),Pete Sears (Rod Stewart,Starship,Hot Tuna) etc...

Robert Macpherson

The small amount of gear I have is more than studios had to produce amazing sixties and seventies albums and singles so don't feel that you can't produce the goods just because you don't have every up to date whizz - bang piece of technology

Eric Neuman

I'm equipped to record a full band, but I'm working in a cramped space so its hard to get drums done right. I can however move my equipment around and record drums elsewhere.


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