Other musicians

Billy Jerich Frederick

I work with alot of local bands on getting a sound to work with. I focus on new stuff verses well this works, and to be quick at it helps. I could never record or work with something/someone I did not enjoy the music with.Then i would be like 99% of the recording industry just wanting a paycheck. I do it because I am a musician first and a fan second.

Nick Day

We have 10 years experience in the Hardisk technology. We have the ability to record at a 24 track 2" tape technology sound at a 1/4 of the cost of TAPE. We can take you from your idea to a Mastered CD or anywhere in between.

David Tab

We love to rock out here. Its the music and the fun of making it. Loud guitar amps and mic'ed drums. Thanks for reading 'bout my studio. E-mail if you would like more info or want to jam. Dave


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