K Daniel Menard

I write mostly long (over 5 min) pieces that might be classed as "New Age", but I prefer to called it "NO Age". I use a lot of pads and guitars, along with organ and piano as well.

Kirk Williams

Have recording studio with graphic and video editing suites to produce broadcast ready product. Looking to make duplication ready CD's and continue to working through full project cycle.

John Woods

I'm always looking for people to work with, produce, or compose for! Everything from house to hip hop to ambient to punk... whatever you got!

John Kammerer

I love independent music. I have been writing and recording my own songs since I was about 14. I really have enjoyed what I have heard so far here at guitar9 - P.S. "9" is a badass number - good job on pickin' 9! ~j

John W. Andrews

Want to converse? I enjoy talking shop, e-mail me. Credits include NBC's Saturday Night Live, 1996 Olympics Committee, City Of Seattle, DSM Producers, Southern California Edison, TCI's Northwest Week. ASCAP member.

Jose Perinan

I am working on a collection (repertory) of songs for live show from December/97 I try to find inspiration for a Andalucia/Rock personal feel Sorry for my bad english. Thanks


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