Ike Mhlanga

I am a qualified electrical Engineer employed by a power utility in Zimbabwe. am highly computer literate and I have no problems understanding the concepts behind today's technology. I believe I ave a good ear for music. I would like to communicate with other Home Studio owners.

Chuck Schwandt

My studio is Deep in the Smokey mountians. The best processor I have is the mountian view, it brings out creativity and makes the studio a type of vacation. making music. God's handiwork will inspire any musician...

Harry Offutt

Constructive E-mail comments are appreciated from anybody who feels they have anything to add or any moneysaving ideas for construction. All construction and finish work is complete except the glass in the window, and the door to the talent room. You can see pictures on my website.

Jeff Hinton

My studio is designed for small vocal projects and Demos. I have done a lot of radio and TV sound work in my room and have been able to complete the projects by myself. Occasionally I go to Rosewood or Wiz Productions to have the final projects mixed or mastered.


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