Marc Klock

Brand-new recording facility acoustically designed for huge guitar and drum sounds. Main live room 700+ square feet with 20-foot vaulted ceiling and isolation booth. No computer tracking or mixing!

K. C. Dunn

This studio has takin me 10 years to build up. We really work at capturing that spontaneous live creative energy that happens when musicians are truely in their element. 16 track time is 30/hr , 32 is 65/hr Remote recording starts at 75 for 2 track Dat, 32track Remote with truck $900.00

Justin Lipscomb

The sound of things operates by the philosophy that the more comfortable the artist is, the better they will perform. This is why we prefer to travel to the artist, record them where they practice (if possible), and get to know the character of the musician(s) and apply that to the mixdown/mastering processes. If there is no practice space, we will find one which best suits the nature of the music and supports the best acoustics for recording. The goal is affordable recording with professional results, and no pain. . .well, maybe a little, but no hassles.


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