David Thomas Bailey

For using a simple and cheap setup, Black Ink produces consistantly good recordings. It helps to have the finest musicians in Colorado around to give us pointers on recording over the years as well as a couple of engineering classes at University of Colorado at Denver.

Jeremy Pruitt

The Audio Lounge Recording Studios is a multi-room, 32-track digital recording studio offering services free of charge to artists with the understanding that their works, upon completion, will be freely available for public consumption.

Nathan Eldred

We've added a "B" room with a lower cost per day, but with more square footage than the "A" room, which will now primarily become the high end mixing, mastering, and overdub suite. Gear from the A room is transportable to the larger B room to accomodate just about any project. Atlas is what we call a "hybrid" studio. We are neither exclusively "Analog" or "Digital". We use the editing and automation ability of the DAW, with a large selection of Class A, tube and discrete front end, and then mix to tape.


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