Richie E. Irby

I wanted to give people an opportunity to record and put out a project,without having to sell their children to pay for it.I also want to help the record industry discover artists they seemed to have looked over,or never looked at.If the industry won't produce them,then I will.Not trying to take over the industry,but there are artists out there,that the industry feels that they can't make any money off of.That's what I'm counting on,and that's the artists I want.

Rafique Rashid

I am at the moment working with Malaysian aboriginal music. We will be cutting an album soon. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME IN MY SEARCH FOR THE BEST NEAR-FIELD MONITORING SPEAKER SYSTEM? Alesis Monitor One's or Yamaha NS-10's or Genelec's or KRK's or .........???


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