David Patton

I give glory to Jesus Christ for the music he has allowed me to play and the gear he has given me. I pray this home studio will be a blessing to others as much as it has been to me. Rock On For Jesus!

Jon DeLucia

I am a student at Berklee College of Music. I'm studying Contemporary writing and i hope to write game music some day. If there are any berklee students that are interested in game music or anybody else, please contact me.

Justin Lipscomb

The sound of things operates by the philosophy that the more comfortable the artist is, the better they will perform. This is why we prefer to travel to the artist, record them where they practice (if possible), and get to know the character of the musician(s) and apply that to the mixdown/mastering processes. If there is no practice space, we will find one which best suits the nature of the music and supports the best acoustics for recording. The goal is affordable recording with professional results, and no pain. . .well, maybe a little, but no hassles.

Clinton Wike

I'm still learnig and loving it as i go I would appreciate any literature that would help me towards my journey as becoming a great record producer/songwriter. I want to do it all...


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