Richard Monroe

After 30 years, I did it. I'm an old folkie w/ roots in Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Eagles. Some really good friends helped me out with this, but I am still deep in learning curve and hardware wars. Hoping some of y'all can provide tech/moral support. Gee-is this home studio thing testosterone based? Where are all the *women*? My basic goal here is folk/blues/rock with a Celtic twist. I like to sing with women, heavy on the guitars and clean vocals with much harmony. Think Fleetwood Mac,Jefferson Airplane, Heart, Clannad, Steeleye Span.

Maria Wood

Orange County California based singer songwriter performer. Also one of the few female harmonica player. Playin a rock-blues style influenced by The Pretenders, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin and the ledgendary Billy Holiday and Ertha Kit

David Smith

Have recorded 2 full length albums of instrumental music on the VS840 so am quite up to speed on its use and how to get decent sounds from an instrument onto the disk

Terry Himes

My Music is my Love and For several years my career. These days still my Love and main Hobby. Play and Record every chance I get. And willing to help anyone with their own project.

Rob Phillips

I am more into the technical aspects of audio engineering in practice and theory and having plain good fun when it comes to jamming and composing. I have been called to perform with a number of local bands but am not really interested in live performance. I get more satisfaction out of recording, mixing mastering and producing for other musicians. An engineer to the core. As part of my studies I am now dabbling in 3D animation and video production using 3DStudioMax3, Flash and Premiere.


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