Rick Taylor

We have done many live recordings which are how I prefer to record the main body or rhythm tracks of the song. That helps to keep the over dubs to a minimum giving it more of real feel. This leavs room to add more tracks of audio to fatten up the mix.

Raymond DiGiorgio

You ever take a long hard look at that ever growing box of tapes, noticing that you have a problem with labeling them, and are clueless as to what's on them? Oh yeah! Writing and recording music sums up who I am. Music is the universial language and will forever move, motivate, and destroy mankind as we know it.

Doug Anderson

I enjoy composing and recording pop morsels and atmospheric ballads, with an emphasis on quality lyrics. Although I've co-written some wacky stuff w/ friends in the past (see http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6816), my current efforts are almost exclusively solo and pretty melodic.


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