Richard Davidson

There is no better education in acoustics than to build your own soundproofed and acoustically treated studio! I also teach Music Technology to post-16 students at a Performing Arts College.

David Tab

We love to rock out here. Its the music and the fun of making it. Loud guitar amps and mic'ed drums. Thanks for reading 'bout my studio. E-mail if you would like more info or want to jam. Dave

Skeet Myers

Don't be fooled by the humble list! The secret is in our 140 year old heart pine house, suspended 2 ft above the earth on sandstones. Over 15 years of experience!

Joe Whitehead

I got into the recording game out of self defence, to demo my own compositions without having to pay an arm and a leg. Being an electonic engineer gave me a leg up. I designed and built my first 8 channel mixer which I interfaced with a Fostex 8tr. recorder. I retired in 1998 and used most of my severance pay to buy recording equipment and convert my shop building into a recording studio. I have produced several CD albums for local musicians, and one of my own compositions. I also play keyboard with some C&W bands.


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