Ranni Johns

I am just beginning to expand my general understanding and knowledge of the music industry. My general interest is in the production and composition of my own material. Primarily pursuing an opportunity to learn how to produce slamming powerful, thumping soundtracks to fit into the commercial and movie/tv arena. I am just intrigue with the music you hear behind the movies and in some commercials. That's where I want to be, in the studio mastering the prize. If you know where I can start give me a buzz

Matt Dawson

I'm smack in the middle of Ohio desperately searching for experienced home recorders who could help me improve my sound quality. It's OK, but things I'm having trouble with is total volume to tape, although I have progressed tremendously. Would like to create an EXTREMELY affordable studio for bands needing solid demos.. like i needed years ago but could never find.

Robert Edgar

This is a small, one-person studio, which I've put together for my own work. Couldn't enjoy it more. Work up compositions here, go elsewhere for final recordings, come back here or my multimedia company (Iconceptual) to mix. Work with other musicians when moving from demos to final recordings.

John Woods

I'm always looking for people to work with, produce, or compose for! Everything from house to hip hop to ambient to punk... whatever you got!


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