More than 100

Joseph Manalisay

Full service, super relaxed, professional studio that provides artists with tools to be creative and give their best performance without having to worry about hourly charges. reasonable per song rate, pro level recording quality.. sample of recordings available on request. mail to:

Peter Christopher Harris

Great studio for writing as well as very good basic digital recording. about to be radically upgraded. Used for jingles, soundtracks, music projects, streaming audio etc.We try to mentor and encourage anyone who we feel needs attention in music, production and or business and personal matters.

David Bogdan

Having Fun! That's what counts!!! Also upgrading to Sonar 4.0 mainly because we can port the data to Pro Tools in case someone wants to go to a studio that has that stuff.

Bob Whiting

I mostly record my own Music and Ideas but have in the past put out 3 Major Albums in the East Coast with a Band called Mama's Tongue, and did the Sound track to the 1st Half of the Motorcycle stunt group DVD Driving to Endanger = DTE, more info can be found on myself at and look up Bob whiting

Wez Thompson

We are always doing something , demos , composing , jingles , programing midi as well as full albums. we have the facillities to overdub ( of course ) or to track live and clean via h/phones


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