Commercial work

Nick Day

We have 10 years experience in the Hardisk technology. We have the ability to record at a 24 track 2" tape technology sound at a 1/4 of the cost of TAPE. We can take you from your idea to a Mastered CD or anywhere in between.

Richard Davidson

There is no better education in acoustics than to build your own soundproofed and acoustically treated studio! I also teach Music Technology to post-16 students at a Performing Arts College.

Jeffery David

I work with indie artists and bands. have gotten some artists signed. major conections. I'm young, play lots and instruments, I'm a singers producer. great attitude and all budgets and payments considered. Visa/Mastercard. In Chino Ca.

Terry Noakes

Just about to buy a Laney VC15 Combo for noodling round the house,Check out my (Day Job) This is a Duo I'm in that i earn my living with, We've been together coming up for nine years. (We Di our guitars via Hughs&Kettner Tubeman pedals)


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