Commercial work

Richard Dolmat

Digital Sound Magic Studios is a professional audio and music mastering / recording facility, operating for over 12 years in Vancouver BC, Canada. Make all your productions into top quality masters and benefit from partnering with a studio that listens to your needs and enhances your ideas.

Mike Henderson

Ambrosia Productions operates in a fully digital, 24 bit environment, extending all the sonic capabilities available to major artists and labels; including sampling, editing, design for picture, pitch correction, signal restoration and multimedia design for the web. Utilizing the ability to record 10 digital audio tracks at a time, with 48 track playback and unlimited MIDI and sampling capabilities, Ambrosia Productions is capable of creating any project you can envision.

Andy Frazier

In its various incarnations, this studio has done everything from songwriter and band demos to game SFX and soundtracks, to film soundtracks, to tunes that've been on cable and network TV. More to come!

Kevin Martinez

I've recorded all styles of music and instruments in my studio, from Irish Folk with bagpipes and pennywhistle to Heavy Metal and Marshal stacks, with Country and Rap in-between. Every session brings new experiances and challenges. And the rewards are high. I love it!


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