Bjorn Bojahr

It's a very little studio, I know that, but it's great for writing songs. I'm a good piano-player and I know how to create fantastic sounds using my equipment. Sometimes, this is better than having lots of equipment... BTW: I like Blues/Jazz, Classic, Pop and Electronic Music

Richard Monroe

After 30 years, I did it. I'm an old folkie w/ roots in Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Eagles. Some really good friends helped me out with this, but I am still deep in learning curve and hardware wars. Hoping some of y'all can provide tech/moral support. Gee-is this home studio thing testosterone based? Where are all the *women*? My basic goal here is folk/blues/rock with a Celtic twist. I like to sing with women, heavy on the guitars and clean vocals with much harmony. Think Fleetwood Mac,Jefferson Airplane, Heart, Clannad, Steeleye Span.


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