Don Kirby Jr.

Sound cards, sound cards, sound cards. The Guilmot is a good card ($300), and because I'm mastering to CD within the computer, I don't need a lot of in/outs. There are better ones out there for sure, but not in the same price range. I haven't quite decided on the best software to use, however in the long run it's all about what you feel most comfortable with. One final note: This studio was cheap for the quality of sound I can get. The total for the above equipment was only about $3000 (Not including the instruments).

Karl Hecky

Soundclick.com is an awesome sight for the independent songwriter to show off his or her talent check it out. The majority of my songwriting effort currently is to get Gods message to the world and bring people to the Lord. God is Good!----- All the Time!

Jon Yandell

I record, edit and playback Music and Videos on the Dell DAW, and store it all on the IBM. Then Jam along with my Creations and other musicians at my leisure.


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